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printer pix Reviews

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  • Horrible product, picture blankets were off centered!

    Order was placed in December 2017, received our blankets and they were horrible quality and the pictures were off centered cutting off half the pictures all along the left side of the blanket. This was NOT how I designed the blankets. The customer service is horrible, almost non-existent. It is now April 29th, I have been told every month to be patient, the replacement order is in processing, 5 months!!! Are you kidding me? My patience has worn thin, there is nothing left! Horrible company, I DO NOT recommend this company. Save your money, time, patience and your mind by avoiding this... More...
    KKMcG23's Picture   KKMcG23    0 Comments   Comments
  • Didn't even put "do not bend" sticker on envelope

    I am appalled by this company. And once all was said and done and I paid shipping I realized it would have been the same price for me to order from FedEx Office and pick up in person, then they would have been accountable, but as it was I paid excessive amounts for shipping, couldn't group my shipments (because they were individual Groupon coupons), and they didn't even put a "do not bend" sticker on the packaging, so the metal prints I got came bent and were unusable, and neither the Post Office nor the company would take responsibility -- or even answer emails for that... More...
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    Millyz's Picture   Millyz    0 Comments   Comments
  • Printerpix

    Printer Pix - your product is so rinky-dink! I have successfully created several photo books from other companies - in half the time that this has taken me to get halfway done. Why do all the pop-ups have to cover the item we are working with???? I tried to view the help slideshow - supposed to be 13 slides - will go only to the 1st 7 - Why!!!??? Supposed to be able to re-organized the pages, Where?? How??? Watched the video - showed many more options than are available to me - where are they??? Bought this thru Groupon - will review there also - such a waste of time and money!!! More...
    texasaggiemom's Picture   texasaggiemom    0 Comments   Comments

    Since 2007 I have purchased 5 personalised calendars for my son to give to his grandparents and uncles. This year I trusted PrinterPricks to supply this service. December 2016 I spent a considerable amount of time creating 5 calendars. They arrived within a week. However 5 pages were totally black and even had the date section missing (which clearly show it's their printing error). I contacted the UK number provided as I needed these sorting asap as they were my sons gifts. Having spent 43 minutes on hold, I gave up and eventually managed to get through to someone on webchat who was... More...
    Shelley123's Picture   Shelley123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Printer Pix - Failure to respond!

    I have tried to live chat with someone from Printer Pix 5 times now (live chat being a service you offer in order to reach a member of customer service) I have emailed 3 times! I have called and called and called waiting for my call to be picked up and nothing - the line states all of your representatives are busy helping other customers which is utter rubbish! I am a paying customer and I deserve to be able to speak to a customer representative, or anyone for that matter! All I wanted was to get confirmation my order had been received and was on its way in time for Christmas as your... More...
    livwilson87's Picture   livwilson87    0 Comments   Comments
  • Order never received

    I ordered an 11x14 canvas print on May 14. It was to be a gift for my son for Fathers Day. Order #61114247. Ticket code LTK1221604102861x. On June 10th I emailed them asking about my order. I received the standard letter that a representative had been assigned and would get back to me. I spent time on several days on the phone waiting for a live person to answer. I emailed 3 more times and received same standard letter. I'm beginning to think there is no customer support in this company. If they are not going to send my picture I want my money returned. I will not order from this... More...
  • Where is My Order?

    Order #61164147 I paid for expedited delivery and I ordered itJune 28th. I have emailed multiple times and no one responds. I call during business hours and I get a message saying you are not open even though the message states that you should be. I try to call and I am on hold forever. Terrible customer service! My order was an anniversary gift for my wife which has obviously come and gone. More...
  • Excellent product

    Really pleased with the quality of the book I have created using their excellent software. It allows so much creativity and the finished product is marvellous. My wife and I have just produced our third book that illustrates our travels with Exodus. We have now visited Sri Lanka, Nepal and most recently, Costa Rica. My wife enjoys taking photos and it seems such a shame to leave them on the camera or computer so we have taken to illustrating our journeys using these photo books. The range of options available allow a really personalised approach to producing a memento of our holidays.... More...
    denhamcs's Picture   denhamcs    0 Comments   Comments
  • Printer Prixs

    Update 6/8/15 - I have over the course of my order called them 3 times, each time waiting over 40 minutes on hold. I have been now on hold for 1 hour, waiting to figure out what is the status of my order. It has been 30 BUSINESS DAYS since I ordered and it has yet to be shipped. I have still not received my refund either for the expedited shipping nor heard from the company to make any amends. This company should be shut down. If you are in the USA this company is the worst. Expect well over a month turn around time, I placed this order April 30th, I paid expedited shipping, $40 just... More...
  • 30 Business days, still nothing

    Update 6/8/15 - I have over the course of my order called them 3 times, each time waiting over 40 minutes on hold. I have been now on hold for 1 hour, waiting to figure out what is the status of my order. It has been 30 BUSINESS DAYS since I ordered and it has yet to be shipped. I have still not received my refund either for the expedited shipping nor heard from the company to make any amends. This company should be shut down. If you are in the USA this company is the worst. Expect well over a month turn around time, I placed this order April 30th, I paid expedited shipping, $40 just... More...
  • Printerpix is the absolute WORST

    DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT! EVER! do business with This is the worst customer service I have ever received. The groupon may seem like a good deal but I can guarantee you it would be well worth your money to spend more with another company. I purchased a Groupon with the intention of getting a canvas for a Christmas gift. Everything I read on their FAQ indicated I would receive it well before Christmas. I spent $5 for the groupon for the initial canvas print and an extra $20 for upgrades in the quality and for shipping. When it was obvious I was not going to recieve it in time... More...
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    AlishiaL's Picture   AlishiaL    1 Comments   Comments
  • Printer Pix - Fake!!!!

    So then, let me try and keep this brief!! I ordered 2 photo books from them via a Groupon voucher. Order was placed 6th December in time for Christmas, CHRISTMAS 2015 at this rate! Every time I log on to their website, it states that it's still at 25% production. Stay away from this company with a 39ft pole. Why 39ft, well that the number of days I have been waiting and still counting!!!! More...
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    MrsMcP's Picture   MrsMcP    1 Comments   Comments
  • Awful service and customer service. It is a joke!!!!

    I ordered 2 photo books for Christmas for my grandma and my mum. They are not living here so I had to take them to abroad. I uploaded my photos on the 8th of December to make sure it is going to arrive before my flight is leaving on the 23rd of December. They have been guaranteed 10 working days , which is absolutely not right. If I know I won't get this presents I wouldn't ordered from this company. The customer service said my photo books have been dispatched, but I checked their site and they didn't even start to do it. Then now I got their message they had some technical... More...
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    Markos's Picture   Markos    0 Comments   Comments

    I am totally disgusted with this service, i placed my order on the 15th dec, these were gauranteed for christmas. On a number of occasions i have called to chase these, i was told they had been dispatched well what actually arrived was only part of my order ( 2 keyrings ) so i called back, i was told by the lady on the phone she would chase it up and call me back, but heard nothing, these have now cost me an awful lot more then i expected after several half hour 0844 calls from a mobile plus replacement gifts. To be obviously lied to several times on how the items have been dispatched when... More...
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    michellered's Picture   michellered    0 Comments   Comments

    Ordered products because there was a sale where I purchase the product now for a discount and make it whenever. I purchased three products. Now I see that the shipping is separate for each item, extra expense. I wouldn't have made the sale knowing that. I didn't realize that the mug I prepared turns grey when hot, it looks like it's black so I made a photo that would look great with a black mug, not a grey one. When I realized, I sent them email asking if I could modify my order. No answer. Not before the product shipped, not after, never. Just ignored. So I'm... More...
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    stipez's Picture   stipez    0 Comments   Comments

    I ordered a Groupon in September for some photo slates. These are pictures that are printed on a rock slate. They looked really neat on the website so I decided to order 8 of them for Christmas gifts. The order took a while to receive which I wasn't too worried about since I had ordered so far ahead of time. When I got them however the quality was horrible. It looked like everyone in the pictures got mud splattered all over their faces. I emailed the company which is what is recommended if there is a problem with your order and I got an automatic response that said that they are very... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    emmerasmommy's Picture   emmerasmommy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Printerpix is a joke!

    I bought a groupon for a photo to be printed on slate. It was poorly packaged in a thin layer of bubble wrap and sent in a carboard envelope. Naturally it arrived broken. No reply to my email to them. Finally after 2 days I reached someone by phone on 12/9/14 and was told a replacement would be sent in time for Christmas. It is now 12/24 and I have NO present for my son's grilfriend! I have no been on hold for 25 minutes trying to reach them to find out where my package is. More...
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    DebbieJoyce's Picture   DebbieJoyce    0 Comments   Comments

    THIS PLACE IS AN ABSOLUTE SCAM!!! I bought a Groupon for the 4 Instagram Canvases to give as a Christmas gift to a family member. Before purchasing the Groupon I went on to the website and scoped it out. I was extremely happy that they were guaranteeing delivery by Christmas for all orders placed before December 9 and this ultimately led me to purchase the Groupon. I had a few questions regarding the pixels of the canvases so I sent customer support at PrinterPix an email with my question and NEVER received a response. Regardless, I had already purchased the Groupon so I went ahead and... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    ehlisat718's Picture   ehlisat718    3 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Service

    It was difficult to make an order online because of their website issues so I waited a while on the phone to make one. I made the order on Dec 2 and after over 2 wks. I called and waited to speak with a representative for 30 min. to be told they had no idea what happened to my stagnant order. I was assured I should receive a tracking number that day or by the next but never received one via email. The same email that never got a reply to my inquiry before I called. I waited a couple days and called, again. Another long wait to be told they show guaranteed by Xmas and told that I should... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    tazsmama97's Picture   tazsmama97    2 Comments   Comments
  • PrinterPix- Basically a Scam

    Do NOT order anything from this company. I bought a Groupon for a photo book with them. I purchased the photo book on October 20th, 2014. It is now December 19th, 2014 and they have yet to even ship the order. The photo book was only $9 and after looking at the website, it appeared to be a good deal. However, once you checkout, you find out that it could take up to 15 days (or a great deal longer, apparently) for them to process your order, then it can take up to 21 days to ship with standard shipping. That's 5 weeks. This photo book was a gift that I needed to give within 3... More...
    cstanbro's Picture   cstanbro    1 Comments   Comments
  • Worst service ever. They lie!

    I ordered a book one month in advance and I never got it on time. I called them and spend hours trying to get an answere from their horrible customer service. The manager lied to me. She promised me to ship overnight and she never di it. I was supposed to give the book to my 5 years old niece, and I was not the only dissapointed person. Slow process, lies, non professional service...100% frustration guaranteed! More...
    danielasm48's Picture   danielasm48    0 Comments   Comments
  • awfull, terrible service

    I ordered 2 agendas for my parents in law. We planned to take them with us but we did not receive them on time. I tried to reach their customer service in Belgium, Holland and UK but with all 3 of them and with all of them i was waiting more then 30 minutes, listening to a waiting music and the message that their customers where so important for them. What a lie...... NEVER NEVER AGAIN ANYMORE. I hope i can warn enough other customers to prevent them to buy from this terrible company. More...

    8/12/14 Review. Ordered a calendar through Groupon. Calendar arrived in time for me to send to Australia and photos I attached were fine, not brilliant but you get what you pay for! Anyway I also received 4 other calendars which were meant for other customers! I have contacted customer services numerous times to let them know but all I have had is an automated email response or the phone cuts off - no one has been in touch!! I am still waiting for a Birthday card which I ordered, had to go out and buy one as it was their Birthday yesterday! Also waiting for 40 photo prints! More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    boz1's Picture   boz1    0 Comments   Comments
  • GOD AWFUL!!!!

    I ordered a voucher through Living Social. I figure it's a great way to try out a company and to see if I want to continue to do business with them. Well...I ordered my Picture Puzzle for my nephew's birthday one month in advance. 2 days before his birthday and STILL NO puzzle! I emailed several times only to get 1 response stating that they cannot locate my order. However, I sign onto my account and there is my order number and date of purchase. I email back and I get ***enter cricket noises***. So, I call. I called 5 times only to get my call disconnected. So, 6th time... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
  • 3rd Times Not A Charm

    So I used a Groupon for Printer Pix. No issues, actually turned out great, so I decided to by a couple more groupons..bad idea. Had another photo canvas done for a gift for my mom that lives across the country and was informed that the picture quality was fine but the canvas was sagging and missing staples. I reached out to support but didn't hear back. One of her friends had to come over and stretch the canvas over the frame and put staples in the frame. About a month later I heard back from PrinterPix but issue had been resolved. Now let's move onto now. In October, I... More...
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    mjluver's Picture   mjluver    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't waste your money with PrinterPix

    Do NOT waste your time with this company, and believe me, it will take up lots of your time! I made an order on the phone with their customer service representative and paid extra for expedited shipping so that my kindle fire case would arrive by my mother's birthday. A full two weeks later I logged in to the site and saw that the production had not yet started because there was a problem with my picture that I was not told about. I called immediately and a customer service agent apologized and said 'an e-mail should have gone out,' but didn't. She promised me... More...
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    Katek's Picture   Katek    0 Comments   Comments
  • This site SUCKS!

    I bought a Groupon voucher for Printer Pix. I have purchased several Groupons before and have never had any trouble. This time, however, I have had nothing by trouble. I have been trying for days to get all the way through the ordering process without their website crashing. What a waste of time and money! I'll contact Groupon about it. I want my money back. PRINTERPIX SUCKS!!! More...
  • Bad Product / Horrible Customer Service

    I ordered 2 Custom Stone Slate Photo from Groupon. What a horrible experience. The first photo I ordered was such poor quality, I figured it was the photo I sent in. The 2nd one I ordered, I used my professional Nikon camera & the photo had brilliant colors. When I finally received my slate photo, the quality was so poor, the kids look like ghosts. I've sent emails to Printerpix for a week & FINALLY got a response today that said I could have returned it, but my time has run out. Shame on this company for their poor quality of product and shame on them even more... More...
  • Photo Stone Slate Photo

    I ordered 2 of these from Groupon. What a horrible experience. The first slate photo I ordered was such poor quality, I figured it was the photo I sent in. The second one I ordered, I used my professional Nikon camera & the photo had brilliant colors. When I finally received my slate photo, the quality was so poor, the kids look like ghosts. I've sent emails to Printerpix for a week & FINALLY got a response today that said I could have returned it, but my time has run out. Shame on this company for their poor quality of product and shame on them even more for... More...
    AWalker13's Picture   AWalker13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Experience

    on 8/31/14 I went on line to PrinterPix to use their Groupon offer that I had purchased. During the check out, I knew I would have to pay for shipping of the item, so I entered my Paypal information. PrinterPix charged the entire price of $143 to my account instead of the $23 for shipping. I immediately called the company and asked to cancel the order so I could order correctly and get my money back immediately... the customer service at Printer Pix told me that was not necessary, that the Groupon was applied to by purchase and that I would be refunded my money. Two days went by and I... More...
    pjjohnson's Picture   pjjohnson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Photo canvas -fantastic

    Just wanted to say printer pix did a great job with the photo canvas I ordered through groupon. I was initially skeptical because the resolution on the photo I submitted was not ideal. However, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed at how well it came out. I've received many compliments on the photo canvas. Thank you so much, it came out beautifully. ~Justine, NJ More...
    jrobe227's Picture   jrobe227    0 Comments   Comments
  • Buyer beware!

    First time ever buying a groupon coupon and should have known it was too good to be true. This purchase was a photobook for a friends wedding guest book and turned out to be a NIGHTMARE! Their are two types of customers, those who get terrible service, compliance and comeback and those who say nothing at all and never return. Buyer beware, don't put yourself in this situation. From day one the website was not working, would load my templates, then a week later when I did get a step into the process, then it wouldn't load my pictures, then a week later when I was finally able to... More...
    Justsouknow's Picture   Justsouknow    1 Comments   Comments
  • worst online printing service!

    I ordered 5 copies of the same photo book (6x8). Not to mention they arrived later than they supposed to. One book has the wrong cover! One has broken pages. All of them, the texts are blurry and off color. I called the custom service. It took me 2 days and over 4 hours on the phone waiting!!!! finally i got to talk to someone, who is not helpful at all. They asked me to send photos of the damaged books and told me if it is approved to be their fault, I will receive new one within 14 days. it has been 5 WEEKS!!! I still haven't received my photo books. I sent emails to them, no... More...
    contactzw's Picture   contactzw    0 Comments   Comments
  • LTK122160303002X

    12-23-2013 Emailed with images of damage, as phone numbers were not excepting calls. 1-2-2014 Emailed and ask to forward to Manager. Phone numbers still not working. 1-6-2014 Called and gave up after 1hr on hold, never able to talk to anyone. ................... I just received my recent damaged orders 6324008,6324154,6324225 1. NONE of the orders had the wood block mountings that was requested, and documented. 2. Order 6324008 The most damaged having a big dent with printing flaws on right side. 3. Order 6324154 dents in center, scratches on back and dent on one... More...

    niotisc's Picture   niotisc    0 Comments   Comments

    I ordered a personalized phone case with a picture of my dog and received a phone case with a strange girl's picture on it. I have emailed the company five times and have gotten nothing back except a computer generated message saying they would contact me in 2-3 days. I have tried calling countless times. Half the time it says there is an error and hangs up or I sit on hold for so long I have to hang up before I freak out. I have never seen such disregard for customers. This company is terrible and has no business dealing with the public in any way. More...
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    teccemichele's Picture   teccemichele    0 Comments   Comments
  • No photo album even after 40 days of order

    I placed an order with Printerpix on 11th sep for a 8" x 6" Landscape Photo Hardcover Photo Book (20 pages). The order number was 6236170. Ideally it takes 21 days for the order to be delivered. I called printerpix numerous times but nobody seems to answer the calls. I was always kept on hold and once even for 17 mins. I wrote to printerpix customer care also twice. Every time i was alloted a new complaint number along with a message saying that somebody will get in touch with you in next 2-3 business days. I never received any reply in terms of a phone call or a email reply. More...
    lilyverma09's Picture   lilyverma09    0 Comments   Comments
  • Leather-bound 8.5x11 landscape book. I love it!

    I see a lot of negative complaints but I was very satisfied with my first project book ever. I have no experience with other sites to compare to, but I had no trouble uploading my pictures and creating a book page book in only a few minutes. I was warned on a couple of my pictures that the resolution was not high enough but printed them anyway and they look great. I opted for the photographic paper, which was worth it to me. For a low end self printed book it to me. Quick shipping! Happy camper here. More...
    Wrightclick's Picture   Wrightclick    0 Comments   Comments
  • Printerpix A4 Calendars with Groupon UK vouchers

    I purchased Groupon UK vouchers for five A4 Calendars from Printerpix. The Printerpix website is impossible to navigate. I couldn't even get a starting month for my calendars. Information that I put in just disappeared and after two days of trying I contacted Printerpix to ask for assistance navigating their website. I got an automatic reply and nothing else. I finally contacted Groupon UK but by this time the vouchers has expired and they told me they were unable to help me. I sent Groupon UK another message telling them about the reviews I had read about Printerpix which... More...
    DP564's Picture   DP564    0 Comments   Comments

printer pix Reviews By Product

printer pix Comments

redfox56 says: (5 years ago)
Photo quality of my photo album was below average - borderline poor. Photos were not very sharp and had very subdued colors - lower quality than I can make at home with my $150 all-in-one printer.

Took a full month (32 days) from when I ordered my album before I received it.

The tools provided for arranging and editing my photos during the photo album creation process were fairly limited. For example, pictures could not be skewed slightly, that is rotated slightly for visual effect, but could only be rotated in full 90 degree increments. Photos frequently need to be trimmed a little horizontally or vertically in order to fit multiple photos within the prescribed page dimensions, but tools only allowed photos to be trimmed from the right side or the bottom - very bizarre.

I think I will try one of the many other photo album companies out there next time.

yehe says: (5 years ago)
This company is a freaking joke. Their customer service is horrible. I got a crap mug they screwed up on and still sent me. They have still jot replied to a few emails I sent over a month ago. They are the most worthless company when it comes to customer service

hwhowho says: (5 years ago)
I wish I had read these reviews first.
Agree with these reviews. I am still waiting on an order as well (one month later). It too was a gift and I was guaranteed I would receive the item in time if I ordered by a certain date,, which I did. Still waiting. Same problem with Customer Service, hard to get ahold of anyone, on hold for 20+ minutes, and they are not able to give me any information other then they will put it on their "expedite" list. After you have spent all your time putting together a book (especially if you are wanting it for a gift) DO NOT waste more time with this company.

cstone123 says: (5 years ago)
same as the rest -USELESS company and customer service, lied about over night shipping -
ordered on NOV 23rd - and reordered on dec 13 its is now JAn 6 and still nothing..

Jmbh2002 says: (5 years ago)
I ordered a book for my son , it turned out great but shipping time def is not good , but I also blame the post office for this , it was shipped and sat in a post office 3 hrs away for 2 weeks !!!! But I love the book and just ordered a canvas for a friends bday in march lol wanted to have enough time

tazsmama97 says: (5 years ago)
Horrible! No accountability or answers after repeated long waits to speak to customer service! Promised each time my items are shipping and should get a tracking number for expedited shipping. This was supposed to be a special gift for my Mother after Grandpa passing. 26 days later nothing and emails never returned, either. Online ordering is impossible and a waste all around!

sccrmp3 says: (5 years ago)

I just want to say that I so far after reading many articles about the poor customer service of Printerpix have to agree whole hardly with all comments I have read. I placed a large order, afterwards I found the comments, I have called, been placed on hold and no one ever answered, I have sent several emails, none have had any sort of response. I ordered the same product from another company three days ago rather than 10 days ago with standard shipping and have already received that order. I continue to wait just for a response from printerpix. Every time I log on to view the status of my order, there is no change what so ever. I fear my order will not arrive in time, and there is no one with the company I can talk to in order to get it to arrive on time, if even at all. Please will someone get in touch with me.

Order Numbers:


Barr76 says: (5 years ago)
The worse company I have ever had to deal with. I ordered 4 canvas and 3 came in I called at least a dozen times and most of the time I have been getting the same lady and she is rude! I even decided to record the call. I wanted the canvas for Christmas and I even called and asked if I would recive before Christmas and they insisted I will. This is wrong. Do not do work with these people and don't waste your money.

critch59 says: (5 years ago)
This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.
You are better off using Shutterfly which I have never had issues with

critch59 says: (5 years ago)
This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

Do not order from them

shawnaschantz says: (5 years ago)
I also bought a GROUPON. I purchased 3 photo books. It expires in 3 1/2 weeks, so I wanted to get started on them. When I followed the instructions and tried to sign in, I couldn't get past the sign in page. I called them but it hung up as soon as I pressed #1 for help.

amoses says: (7 years ago)
Do not order from Printerpix!!! They took a long time to deliver my order, did not deliver what I ordered and furthermore would only look into refunding me if I sent the photos back to them! I spoke to the same customer service person the three times I phoned and each time he was courteous but he could not offer a decent service to me.

Samie says: (7 years ago)
I have been working on the photobook since October. Everytime I go into my order to finish it it takes at least 25mins to load. While working on the photobook it just cuts out and the page or pages I worked on is lost. This is definately the worst website ever. I bought a groupon voucher and my photobook cannot be ordered because it just keeps cutting out. I have contacted contactus& but I have heard no reply I am going to send a complaint to Groupon and suggest they never deal with this company. They are ridiculous. Also if you look at the email address they gave for you contact them on this page it is wrong!

Emmastoreyblonde says: (7 years ago)

Ordered a simple photo canvas over a month ago which said 10 days delivery....been waiting over a month. Called customer service around 30 times - they lie and say it will be with me the next day - then when I call next day say it hasn't been printed yet. They ask you to email then don't reply to any emails and delete facebook posts of any negative feedback. Can't believe a company can do this!

I have been forced to report them to Citizens Advice and they are now looking into the company and its lack of customer service! I urge others who have problems to do the same.

rocky6 says: (7 years ago)
Ordered a leather bound book and am disappointed with the quality. The last page is cut off and half of my son is missing from the photo!! Called and was told to take a picture of it and send it in an email. I insisted that the problem be corrected and was told that I should go online order it again and call them before I check out. Big mistake! I have now been on hold for nearly an hour. They probably put my number on a "don't answer" list. Very frustrated!!

pmeier says: (7 years ago)
I just received a leather coverd photo book that I got with a groupon.
Poor quality and pictures were out of focus.
NEVER again!

debgavin says: (7 years ago)
I ordered a book on May 3, 2012. Paid to have it send fast. It is the last day of August. I have not recieved the book, nor a refund. I have called at least 10 times, put on hold for hours then the phone would just click off. When I do get someone, he gives me a tracking number and says he will refund the postage and get it in the mail that day. He even said I am looking at the book and I promise it will go out today. This has happened at least a dozen times. I got this from groupon and I see they continue to put groupons for printerpix. After 3 months and many hours on the phone and promises I still do not have the book or refund. I have not recieved an email back from the company after I emailed them a few times. This company is having serious issues.

DonotuseThem says: (7 years ago)
The worst experience I have had since Ritz Camera, at least Ritz Camera had an excuse - they went out of business - even then they apologized and reimbursed me. Not Printerpix, I called and got all sorts of excuses. From "your book is done, we just forgot to send it" to "our machine had a gliche and your order was one of the few that didn't get printed, we just fixed the problem so it will be shipped in a few days." Still not in!I paid priority and still has not arrived. It has been over a month! They won't even reimbursed me for the priority shipping. Said that they can downgrade me, but they will not pay for my priority shipping or reimbuse me for my time wasted.
My stomache turns when they write a fake apology. Customer service guy and his supervisor Danelle are full of it. They are liars and deceitful. I hope they get fired or the business go down the drain. How can they treat a breast cancer patient like this?

PrinterPix says: (8 years ago)
Dear Customers,

I apologise for the inconvenience caused. Please send us your order numbers so we can get the issue resolved for you. Also, please send us an email at We will get in touch with you.


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